Samsung’s Big Galaxy S24 Camera Update Gets a Changelog

Galaxy S24 Ultra - Camera Update

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When Samsung took a minute earlier in the week to share news of the first big update headed to the Galaxy S24 series, an update that was based on user feedback around the display and camera, they forgot to share specifics. While they told us that the display would get a new Vividness slider to hopefully address concerns around washed out colors, they didn’t dive into any details about camera changes.

We now have a list of what’s changing, thanks to a post in Samsung’s Korean community forum. A moderator there listed out 9 changes that are coming to the Galaxy S24 series camera, many of which are only hitting the Galaxy S24 Ultra. That said, there are improvements to all of the devices, so withhold your sadness, S24 and S24+ owners.

Here’s that full list:

  1. Image quality has been improved by adjusting the brightness when shooting backlit in high-pixel mode.
  2. The clarity of text has been improved when using high magnification zoom. (Galaxy S24 Ultra Only)
  3. Clarity and picture quality have been improved when recording rear video. (Galaxy S24 Ultra Only)
  4. In the photo mode preview, the brightness of dark areas in indoor environments has been increased and the sharpness of people has been smoothly improved. (Galaxy S24 Ultra Only)
  5. Expression has been improved by additionally applying color data in food mode.
  6. Colors have been improved by adjusting saturation and white balance in night mode.
  7. Image quality has been improved when zooming in on the gallery after shooting a new format DNG in the Expert RAW app.
  8. The expression of fast-moving subjects in backlight conditions in rear photo mode has been improved. (Galaxy S24 Ultra Only)
  9. The exposure and color expression of subjects (people, flowers, etc.) have been improved in photo mode. (Galaxy S24 Ultra Only)

For the Galaxy S24 Ultra specifically, Samsung has worked on clarity of text when using high magnification zoom, clarity and picture quality when recording video, exposure and color when capturing objects in photo mode, the capturing of fast-moving objects, and when previewing items in photo mode.

As for general improvements throughout the Galaxy S24 series, we should all see image quality improvements, improved colors in food mode, improved saturation and white balance in night mode, and improved viewing when images were shot in DNG.

All of those items are welcomed improvements, I just wish they would have told us about them a couple of days ago. Samsung, we like hearing detailed descriptions of updates and not just about vague “enhancements.” We’re somewhat nerdy about this stuff, so bring it to us.

Again, Samsung said this update will start rolling out on February 22.

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