Samsung’s First Galaxy S24 Update Addresses Display, Camera

Samsung Galaxy S24

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Here’s a cool thing to know about the company that makes your phone – sometimes they listen. Samsung announced a first update for the Galaxy S24 Series today that was created quickly in response to user feedback. It touches on complaints you had about the display, as well as the camera.

The first big update for the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will begin to rollout on February 22. Once you get it, let’s talk about what you can expect.

Vividness display setting: The first item Samsung is adding in this update is a “Vividness” slider within the Display’s Advanced Settings area. I’d imagine this is in response to all of the complaints about washed out colors.

Samsung says they tuned the Galaxy S24 Series “for a more natural” experience, but that this should let you crank up the brightness to those old school punchy levels. This Vividness slider will sit just below the R-G-B controls in that advanced tab. To find it, you’ll head to Settings>Display>Screen Mode>Advanced Settings.

Galaxy S24 - Vivid Display Setting

Camera enhancements everywhere: The other big update here is to the camera, where Samsung says they’ve provided upgrades to zoom functions, Portrait Mode, Nightography, rear camera video shooting capabilities, and more.

They didn’t specify further, but again, they clearly heard your complaints about camera quality and hope this should improve things throughout the shooting experience.

Galaxy AI language improvements: Finally, Samsung is improving language recognition and accuracy for 13 supported languages within Galaxy AI.

Be on the lookout for this update for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 in about 8 days.

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