This Pixel 9 Pro Promo Video Isn’t Real, But It’s Awesome

Pixel 9 Pro - Gold - Video

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Ever since the supposed Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro designs were shared a few weeks back, I haven’t been able to get the device off my mind. If those designs truly reveal what Google’s next phones will be like, I think we are in for an incredible end of year for the world of Android.

And because we can’t get this design out of our heads, we are finding any reason to talk about it. Like today, for example, where a reader shared the work of an artist who was attempting to create a Pixel 9 Pro commercial in the style of Google. Again, this is not real, but it’s pretty cool.

If anything, it shows off what a Pixel 9 Pro in the design we saw leaked could look like in different colors.

Pixel 9 Pro - Display - Video

The work was created by Hanbin Pyo and they setup a Behance page (here) to showcase the work. They call this a “conceptual advertisement” where the inspiration comes from “lots of Google commercials” as a way to make something “as Google like as possible.” I think they did a solid job, outside of the silly text throughout.

But hey, we really just want to stare at a Pixel 9 Pro in gold, black, and silver with flat edges, that crazy camera bar that sticks out of the device, and the continuation of Google’s rounded corner adoption. It’s so good. Please make this, Google.

Cheers Zachary!



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