Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Gets Approval to Detect Your Sleep Apnea

Galaxy Watch - Sleep Apnea Tracking

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Samsung’s sleep tracking through Galaxy Watch devices has gotten quite advanced over the years. For example, did you know that your Samsung watch, like the Galaxy Watch 6, can record your snoring sessions and use that data as a part of your sleep score? It can. Watches as far back as the Galaxy Watch 4 have had this setting, which is both hilarious to listen back to and important because snoring could mean you have sleep issues that need to be addressed.

Samsung announced today that it is adding yet another major sleep tracking feature. Thanks to FDA approval, the Galaxy Watch could soon help detect sleep apnea in users over the age of 22 who may not have been diagnosed yet. Samsung is adding sleep apnea detection through the Samsung Health Monitor app in Q3 of this year in the US.

The feature will try to “detect signs of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea in the form of significant breathing disruptions” over a two-night monitoring period. As long as you track your sleep twice for more than four hours within a 10-day period, you should get results back that will tell you about sleep apnea.

As noted by Samsung in their press release, sleep apnea can be a serious condition that often goes untreated. When untreated, sleep apnea can cause fatigue, poor sleep quality, and even lead to hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia and stroke. Having a watch potentially help diagnose is a huge deal.

Samsung didn’t specify which devices are supported just yet, only that you’ll need a proper Galaxy Watch and phone. Once the sleep apnea feature launches here, we’ll make sure it’s clear which devices are required.

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