This Might be the Pixel Fold 2 and What The…

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We learned just this week that Google may provide some major upgrades to its next foldable, the Pixel Fold 2. In a report that cited a source, Google is testing the Tensor G4 on the device, along with 16GB RAM. Needless to say, the hype is beginning to build. Today, the dam is busting, with our first possible look at the device getting posted online.

Thanks to Android Authority, this could be the Pixel Fold 2 or at least one of the designs Google is internally testing. The thing we immediately notice is the camera housing, as it looks like Google may move away from the camera bar and instead opting for a 2×2 housing design on the backside. It’s an entirely black device with a black display, so beyond the camera housing, there isn’t much else to see.

One aspect we think we can take from this leak is how thin the device is. The camera housing appears to stick out quite substantially, which would imply the device itself is relatively thin. We’ve seen many foldables from various makers get thin as hardware evolves, so it’s natural that Google would follow suit. We’ll have to wait to see more looks before we start truly judging. We assume we’re still a bit from mass production, and until we reach that point, anything and everything can change. Everybody remain calm.

Thoughts on this potential design?

// Android Authority



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