Favorite OnePlus 12R Feature so Far: Alert Slider

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I recently began my OnePlus 12R journey, but already I can tell you my early vote for favorite feature: that beautiful alert slider. OnePlus has been including the alert slider on its phones for years and I’ve always wished it would somehow make its way to devices from other Android OEMs.

It’s so handy and one of the hardware differentiators that I enjoy most. With it, you can quickly toggle between Ring mode, Vibrate only, and Silent mode. The beauty here is that whenever I want to toggle between these modes, I don’t need to turn on the phone’s display, thus saving me time.

As a plus, the slider hardware is very nice to the touch, with OnePlus including a little diamond pattern on top for proper gripping. For a cherry on top, OnePlus 12R has very good feeling haptics, so whenever you switch between Ring mode and Vibrate only, you get to feel that vibration motor at work. It’s good for the senses.

For those who appreciate spoilers, I can tell you my least favorite OnePlus 12R feature, too. It’s the backside. It’s a complete magnet for grime, oil, and nastiness. If you’re buying this phone, get a case and leave it on forever.

Expect more OnePlus 12R insights from me, but if you’re curious about this phone, feel free to shoot any questions below.



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