OnePlus 12 Camera Upgrades Sound Really Good

OnePlus 12 - First Look

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While we do have a OnePlus 12 in our possession, we’re prevented from sharing specific details about it. However, while we can’t talk about it at length, OnePlus has no issues continuing its long tease for the device, which is still expected to launch tomorrow on January 23. The latest tease is all about the cameras on the backside.

Camera Specs: OnePlus 12 will come equipped with a Sony LYT-808 wide angle camera, a 1/1.4-inch sensor capable of absorbing 50% more light compared to the OnePlus 11’s IMX890. That should mean exceptional low light performance with added detail and clarity in those suboptimal lighting conditions. Also mentioned is the inclusion of an ALC Coating IR filter which will help reduce red glare and artifacts.

OnePlus 12 - First Look

Also present on the OnePlus 12 is a 64-megapixel OV64B 3X periscope telephoto lens that features a half-inch sensor size and ƒ/2.6 aperture. According to OnePlus, this is a sensor size improvement of 76% over the IMX709 used in the OnePlus 11, ultimately allowing for 3x optical zoom, 6x in-sensor zoom, and 120x Hybrid Zoom.

Upgraded HDR Algorithm: The way a typical HDR algorithm works is, a single image is created from a mixture of underexposed, normally exposed, and overexposed photos. On the OnePlus 12, the TurboRAW HDR algorithm has been upgraded from the OnePlus 11, with OnePlus claiming that the algorithm, “comprehends what it sees.”

Armed with this knowledge, it captures the subtle intricacies of highlights and shadows and processes them according to the laws of the physical world. By recognizing subjects like human faces, it renders them with textured, three-dimensional appearances, resulting in images that evoke a tactile quality.

That actually sounds pretty slick if it works the way it’s described to.

Master Mode: Once known as Pro Mode, Master Mode will continue to offer control over settings like tint, sharpness, contrast, saturation, and more. Why it’s getting renamed, we don’t know.

Video: Shooting video should also be solid on the OnePlus 12. The device supports 4K video shooting with Dolby Vision, which means enhanced HDR for your videos. This results in better color, contrast, and brightness for your videos.

Again, we’re going to be learning everything about this phone this week. OnePlus peeps, prepare yourselves.

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