Google and Samsung Announce “Quick Share” as Android’s File Sharing Service

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This may sound like a vaguely familiar topic, because we touched on it in rumor form prior to Xmas, but we can now make it officially time to welcome in a new file sharing service to Android. At the time of that first report, it was being suggested that Google and Samsung may have joined forces to create a single file sharing app/service under the “Quick Share” name and do-away with Nearby Share. Well, that idea is no longer a rumor as the companies confirmed the change this week at CES 2024.

In a brief announcement, Google acknowledged that they have collaborated with Samsung to bring the “best” of their sharing solutions together under a single cross-Android solution. They are taking on the Quick Share name and leaving Nearby Share behind, probably because Quick Share is a much better name.

The new icon for Quick Share can be seen below and Google says to expect the change from Nearby Share to Quick Share “next month.”

Android - New Quick Share

The set of features for this new Quick Share should be familiar, with peer-to-peer content sharing the focus from Android to Chromebooks. Google is also working with “leading” PC makers like LG to have Quick Share work through Windows PCs as a pre-installed app.

The Nearby Share app was already getting quite good before this collab with Samsung, so you should finally give it a shot if you haven’t. The file transferring to Windows is also worth checking out – more on that here.

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