Pixel 9 Wishlists Address Pointless Thermometer, Exynos Modem

Pixel 8 Pro

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Remember when Google included a thermometer on the Pixel 8 Pro? Apparently, no one is using it, so users are coming together to build the ultimate Pixel 9 lineup wishlist, and naturally, the thermometer isn’t on it. RIP.

In our eyes, the Pixel 8 Pro is already a well specced device. It has a high refresh rate for its gorgeous display, great battery life, and a serious camera system. We suppose there’s always room for improvement and that seems to be the spirit of the latest thread on reddit. For Google’s 2024 flagship devices, users are calling for a 4K display with slimmer bezels, faster battery charging, a new base option of 256GB storage, and even more stuff when it comes to the Android software.

The user-generated wishlist can sometimes come off like a greedy child’s Christmas list, but there are a few things that we believe Google could actually include on the Pixel 9 or Pixel 9 Pro.

For example, a replacement sensor for the current thermometer slot seems extremely likely, such as a sensor for increased depth data when snapping photos. Other completely reasonable requests include an improved fingerprint reader (ultrasonic versus the current optical one), a ditching of Samsung’s Exynos modems for improved cellular connectivity, as well as a new Desktop Mode for Pixel phones. Earlier this year it was reported that Google almost launched a Desktop Mode for the Pixel 8, but alas, it hasn’t happened yet.

We think it’s important for people to share their dream specs for these devices, but there is one important component that seems to be automatic on all of the wishlists we’ve seen: Upgraded processor and upgraded modem. Even in my own daily usage with the Pixel 8 Pro, I was experiencing a lot of connectivity issues, so much so that I began looking at other phones to switch to. There are lots of Pixel owners with the same complaint and it didn’t start with 2023’s Pixel lineup (this modem issue dates back to the Pixel 6 at least), so for the Pixel 9, Google’s number one priority should be to ensure that its cellphone can actually cell.

We’d love for you to share your hopes and dreams for the Pixel 9 lineup down below in the comments. Any specs or features you’re hoping to see in 2024?



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