Beeper is Done Fighting to Make iMessage on Android Work

Beeper Mini - iMessage Android Download

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One day not so long ago, iMessage on Android is working thanks to Beeper Mini. The next day, it’s dead. A few days later, it’s back thanks to workarounds. Then, Apple kills it again. Beeper CEO, Eric Migicovsky announced this week that they are done with the cat and mouse game with Apple, essentially calling it quits on their effort to bring iMessage to Android.

Calling it iMessage on Android is a bit of a disservice to the actual goal of the feature. In reality, what Beeper Mini did was upgrade the experience between iPhones and Android for both users. As explained, the goal of the app was and is to, “upgrade chats between iPhone and Android users from unencrypted green bubble SMS to encrypted, fully featured blue bubble chats.”

Why does Apple hate that so much? Probably money, but instead of saying that, they opt for corp speech instead, citing things such as “user privacy” and “exploitations.” Beeper has answers to all of Apple’s ridiculous claims, but alas, this is Apple we’re talking about. They do things differently.

If you were someone who has been following this story, it appears we’ve reached the end. While some people didn’t seem to understand why Beeper Mini was awesome, many of us did. But hey, we have Apple supporting RCS next year, so that’s something to look forward to. *eye roll*

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