Samsung Health App Gets Medication, Supplement Tracking

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The official Samsung Health app is picking up medication and supplement tracking this week, hopefully allowing users to, “manage their medications, improve adherence, and ultimately maintain better health overall.”

This is much more than just a pill-time countdown. As detailed, after providing a name of your medication, the app will detail general information such as possible side effects, as well as adverse reactions from drug-to-drug interactions or when/if taken alongside other substances like food or certain drinks. Samsung gives a pretty cool example of this.

If a user is taking the prescription drug Simvastatin, Samsung Health will warn the user that the drug has been linked to serious side effects when combined with grapefruit juice. Users can even log the shape and color of their medications, allowing them to easily differentiate between the pills they are taking. Dosage, time of consumption and other details can also be added to avoid any potential confusion.

Users can also set refill reminders, just in case their pharmacy doesn’t already do a decent job of that. Overall, it’s clear some good thought went into this feature’s development.

This update is going live this week.

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