Pixel 8 Pro Owners, Have You Tried Video Boost Yet?

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In the latest December update for Pixel 8 Pro owners, Google introduced a feature called Video Boost, located in the settings menu when you’re in video mode. In Google’s words, users can use Video Boost to record videos in higher quality with enhanced lighting, stabilization, and definition. In simple terms, it should make even crappy recording situations turn out relatively good.

When enabled, Google highlights three key things: Night Sight, HDR+, and Unblur. Mind you, only videos capable of being backed up to Google Photos will get the boosted treatment. While your initial recording is available instantly on the device, the Camera app states that the boosted edit “may take a while.” We assume that’s because it’s going through a healthy amount of server-side editing?

Regardless, your results should be great. Our question to all Pixel 8 Pro owners here is, have you used it yet? And if so, what’s your initial thought on Video Boost?

I was in a perfect situation to use it last night (death metal concert), but completely forgot to pull my phone out and test it. That’s my bad. Looking across the web, I’m seeing a couple of users who have been “blown away” by the results. On the next clear night sky we have, I’ll be giving the Night Sight feature a go and will report back.

Pixel 8 Pro owners, what say you?



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