How to Enable Video Boost on Your Pixel 8 Pro

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Video Boost, the latest feature headed exclusively to owners of the Pixel 8 Pro, is now gradually rolling out following the release of the December update. Naturally, you’ll have to enable it yourself, but thankfully that process isn’t too difficult.

Video Boost allows you to capture higher quality videos with your Pixel 8 Pro with better lighting, colors, and details. We wrote about it when Google made it official with this December patch. Check it out here. Now, onto enabling it inside of your Camera app.

How to Enable Video Boost

  1. Open Google Camera app
    • If in Photo mode, switch to Video mode.
  2. Tap Video Settings or swipe up.
  3. Turn on Video Boost.
    • When you use Video Boost for the first time, the default setting is 4K resolution, SDR (10-bit HDR is off), and at 30 frames per second (FPS). You can change these settings.
    • To confirm that Video Boost is turned on, you’ll see a new icon in the upper left corner of the viewfinder:
  4. Record a video.
    • The maximum recording limit when you use Video Boost is 10 minutes. If you’re low on storage space, you’ll get a warning and the recording will stop.

Again, this feature is exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro and you’ll need Google Photos. If you don’t have either of those, well, this article probably isn’t for you. Unless you’re debating if you should buy a Pixel 8 Pro? If that’s the case, it’s not a bad idea. It’s currently on sale for $200 off.




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