Spotify Wrapped 2023 is Here – How to Find Yours

Spotify Wrapped 2023 - Where to Find

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You know a year is coming to close when all of the music apps start releasing their year-in-review recaps, and this week, they are all starting to go live. It’s time to relive 2023 through music, the genres and artists you spent the most time with, and end this year by giving them all a final listen in playlist format before finding new tunes in 2024

Spotify Wrapped is one of the biggest of these recaps, where Spotify offers up a look into your past 12 months or so of music listening by running you through a slideshow of the highlights. They give you a “Your Top Songs 2023” playlist to save, several opportunities to share your music preferences socially, a list of your top songs and artists, etc.

SPOTIFY WRAPPED 2023: For this 2023 campaign, Spotify is once again going all out on this Wrapped experience. Not only will you get your personal Wrapped with slides that show the number of songs and genres you played, hours/minutes/days listened, your top artists (and the total number of artists), and biggest music months, Spotify has released your own personal AI-powered DJ (of course) to take you through your Wrapped playlist with commentary. Oh, there’s even a slide in Wrapped that describes you or creates a character of your listening habits – they called me a vampire. Nice.

Spotify Wrapped 2023

For 2023, Spotify Wrapped is creating an entire “Wrapped feed” with “access to merch from your top artists, options for viewing concerts near you, and much more.” That stuff sounds silly, but the feed actually does put together several playlists outside of your top songs like a blend of your top songs, that DJ I mentioned, access to the overall top tracks and artists of the year from the entire Spotify platform, and more.

How to find Spotify Wrapped 2023?

If you are not sure how to find your Wrapped 2023, we can help. Spotify provided this link to get you there on the web – That site is actually broken at the moment for me, so your best bet is to head into your mobile app on Android or iOS. You should just scroll slightly from the top until you see the big, bright orange-red box that says “2023 Wrapped.”  Tap on that and enjoy the show.

Once you are done watching the slideshow, you can share your end slide or several other moments throughout. But then, you’ll find that Wrapped feed in place of that initial Wrapped 2023 box. This feed gets you into the merch and concert info and all of the other playlists. It’ll be a nice hub to go back to as we relive the past year.

And if for some reason you aren’t seeing Wrapped 2023 yet, you’ll want to update your Spotify app. You can do that below.

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