Google’s Official Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Cases Down to $20

Official Pixel 8 Pro - Deal

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First party accessories – like cases, specifically – from companies like Google or Samsung or Apple are almost never inexpensive. These companies often make some of the best fitting cases that can run triple or quadruple the cost of similar products through Amazon. The pricing is pretty wild, so we tend to not mention them unless they are heavily discounted.

As an example, Apple charges $49 for their official silicone case for the iPhone 15 Pro. Samsung wants $30 for a similar case. Google’s official Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro cases can run you $35 at full retail. For Black Friday, Google’s best cases are down to just $19.99.

PIXEL 8 CASE FOR $19.99: The Pixel 8 Case and Pixel 8 Pro Case are made of “stain-resistant, silicone material with microfiber lining” that feels soft to the touch, with an excellent overall fit. Google added metallic buttons to spice it up some, while also delivering the case in several colors depending on the phone. The use of recycled materials (42%) is an added bonus to its story as well.

Normally priced at $34.99, this is an expensive case. A silicone or TPU-like case from almost any other off-brand on Amazon would probably cost you $10. Again, the quality here is likely different than those, so you are getting what you pay for.

A $15 discount gets you one for $19.99 right now at Amazon and almost all of the colors are discounted. For the Pixel 8 Pro, you’ll find Charcoal, Porcelain, and Mint (Bay appears to be sold out). For the Pixel 8, you can choose from Charcoal, Hazel, Mint, and Rose.

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PIXEL 7A CASE TOO: I almost forgot, but if you own a Pixel 7a and want the same official Google case, it too is discounted. You can find Snow, Sea, and Seafoam for as little as $14.99 (from $29.99).

Amazon Deal Links: Pixel 7a Case



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