OnePlus Open Up to $1,000 Instantly Off for BF

OnePlus Open - Best Black Friday Deal

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The OnePlus Open is a truly excellent foldable phone with so much to like. The performance, design, displays, and cameras are all top notch for a device that is technically the first from a company. The Open easily matches Samsung’s newest Fold 5 device, even besting it in some areas, like size and shape.

It is expensive, though, with a price tag of $1,700 should you try and buy it without a discount. Thankfully, because of the times we live in, you should almost never have to buy anything at full price in the tech world. The OnePlus Open is no exception and can be had with a big time instant discount should you trade a device in.

For the best OnePlus Open Black Friday deal, we have a minimum of $200 off should you trade any device, but that could top out at $1,000 of with theĀ right device.

$1,000 OFF INSTANTLY: We typically can’t shut-up about Samsung’s awesome trade-in program, where they give you an instant discount for the amount of your trade at the point of purchase. So for your new phone order, instead of making you pay the full price upfront and then waiting several weeks for a refund after you trade-in your old device, you pay a discounted price out of the gate.

OnePlus appears to have realized this is a major selling point and is copying Samsung’s trade-in approach should you buy a OnePlus Open. You can get up to $1,000 off instantly today, dropping the Open’s $1,699 price tag down to $699.

To get the full $1,000, you can trade-in a Galaxy Z Fold 5 or a Google Pixel Fold. Since those are phones you likely wouldn’t have purchased only to then part with a couple of months later, know that there are other phones fetching decent prices. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will get you $980, the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Fold 4 will get you $800, and the OnePlus 11 will get you $710. The older Fold 3 will also get you $600.

Like Samsung, OnePlus gives you a certain amount of time (21 days) to send in your trade to verify it. If you lie and don’t send in the device you said you had, they’ll then charge you for the discounted amount.

$200 OFF MINIMUM: If you don’t have a high-end device to trade for those values we just talked through, OnePlus says it will take “any phone in any condition” and still give you $200 off. That’s at least something and drops the price to $1,499.

OnePlus is offering both Emerald Dusk (green) and Voyager Black (black) for this promo. The OnePlus Open only comes with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage, so assuming you take care of it, it should have all of the specs to last you for years to come.

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