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Did you know that Google News still has a section dedicated to magazines? I had completely forgotten about this feature, which is evident from the fact that I opened it today and found my last magazines were from 2016. I guess I won’t miss it when the integration of magazines goes away next month.

That’s right, Google News announced that it will end support for magazine content in December because “very few users now regularly access their magazine subscriptions.” You don’t say?

The official end date is December 18, 2023, so if you have magazines in there that you’d like to keep in digital format, Google is telling you to export and save all of your purchased issues. If you don’t, you’ll lose the content next month. Also, not all magazine content will even work, so Google may offer you a refund. I can tell you that almost all of the magazines I tried to access in my account are broken and won’t load. Sad.

This is what magazines in Google News looks like, for those who have never seen it. Enjoy it before it’s gone.

Google News - Magazines

If you had magazines in Google News, you should receive an email titled “An update to Google News magazine support” that will provide you with an export link to download your old magazines. If you need a refund for broken content, you should see a link for that as well.

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