Fitbit is Down and has Been for Hours (Updated: It’s Back)

Fitbit Down

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Yes, Fitbit is down. In fact, it has been for at least a couple of hours with no word on when service might be restored, as this full-blown Fitbit outage rolls on.

If you pre-ordered the new Pixel Watch 2 and tried to set it up or received your new Pixel 8 today and tried to attach your old Pixel Watch or Fitbit tracker to the Fitbit app on your new phone, you probably ran into issues. You are most definitely not alone, although the news of the outage doesn’t seem to have really been noticed by many yet.

I finished a workout earlier today and moments ago opened my Fitbit app to check on my day’s stats. When doing so, the app showed only 1,800 steps, no sleep info from the night before, and a bunch of blank info in other data fields. I then tried to refresh the app, which caused it to spin and spin and spin. I then tapped on the device icon in the top left, only to be told I had not connected any devices, which obviously wasn’t true. My Pixel Watch app showed a never-ending sync to Fitbit, which I couldn’t stop and hoped a reboot of my Pixel 8 Pro would fix. It didn’t. Then I logged out…do not logout, it will not let you log back in.

The Fitbit subreddit is filled with folks who are asking what’s going on, the first of which popped up 3 hours ago. The Down Detector shows reports of issues 2-3 hours ago, around 2PM Pacific, and the numbers are only increasing.

The Fitbit site doesn’t appear to have a status page, but their support and community sites have confirmed there is something going on, with messages at the top of each that reads, “We’re continuing to investigate the issue affecting Fitbit devices. Thank you for your patience.” Their Fitbit support Twitter account is also responding to people, but didn’t seem to confirm an outage until an hour ago, which was at least a full hour or two into the outage.

UPDATE 5:02PM: An official statement is finally here.

UPDATE 8:58PM: Well, it looks like service is being restored now. I was able to login to the online dashboard and access the app again on my phone. All of my day’s data is populated in there as well, so it synced with my Pixel Watch 2 and is once again showing my Pixel Watch 2 as connected. Seeing others with similar luck on reddit. What an outage. Everyone else back on? If not, it could take a bit for everyone to be able to reconnect.

UPDATE OCTOBER 12: Fitbit provided the following statement this morning to us now that service has been restored.

“We’ve addressed the issue causing some customers to experience issues with the Fitbit app. Anyone still encountering problems should contact Customer Service.”

In short, if you came here wondering what’s going on with Fitbit, we can confirm to you that Fitbit is having an outage and appears to be down globally. We’ll update this post as this situation changes.



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