People Love YouTube TV, Google’s Fastest Growing Product

YouTube TV

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Leaked internal numbers from Google indicate that people are loving YouTube TV right now, with the service currently marked as the company’s fastest growing product. The numbers are from October ’22 to October ’23, and not only is it the fastest growing product, but also has a very high retention rate with only 8% of accounts lapsing during that time period.

In terms of growth, Google’s numbers detail a 48% jump YoY, which leads us to wonder how much of this is due to YouTube’s offering of NFL Sunday Ticket. The latest figures we saw for that (not from Google), was a total of 1.3 million subscribers, but we assume not every one of those accounts for a YouTube TV subscription. For example, I signed up for Sunday Ticket, but don’t have YouTube TV. However, it seems safe to assume that at least a few people would have signed up for the whole YouTube TV experience.

This all seems rather ironic when I consider the echo chamber I live in, with most people I see always complaining about the price of the service. No doubt, prices have increased over time, but the service itself is still a good one. Is it too pricey for my own blood? Yes, but alas, the product is solid regardless of whether you want to pay the price or not.

Who here is sticking with YouTube TV throughout the price jumps?

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