Galaxy S24’s AI Will Actually Be Called “Galaxy AI”

Samsung Galaxy S23 - Galaxy AI

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Earlier today, Samsung began sharing its vision for AI through a generative AI model called “Gauss.” We figured with the timing of this AI reveal that Samsung was going to toss this Gauss AI into the Galaxy S24 when it launches early in 2024. As it turns out, they have a different branding for the AI that’ll likely be in that phone.

This afternoon, Samsung announced “Galaxy AI” as the blanket naming scheme for a suite of AI-equipped features that’ll soon be on Galaxy phones. The press release reads like it was written by AI and is so obnoxiously vague in the way it presents the supposed power of Galaxy AI, that I’ve now read the thing 3 times and am still not sure what to tell you about it. Let’s try anyway.

Samsung says that “Galaxy AI is universal intelligence on your phone as you’ve never seen it before” and that it’ll tackle the areas that matter most, “from barrier-free communication, to simplified productivity, to unconstrained creativity.” Those 3 things are essentially a part of Gauss (productivity and imaging for sure), so we’ll now assume Galaxy AI is powered by Gauss.

Samsung’s take on AI is a “comprehensive mobile AI experience, powered by both on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by our open collaborations with like-minded industry leaders.” That sounds like Google’s approach with the Pixel 8 line.

To give us an example of this vision, Samsung announced a first feature called AI Live Translate Call (official name). This feature, first launching on the “latest Galaxy AI phone,” is integrated into the phone app to provide real-time audio and text translations should you enter into a call with someone who speaks another language. That’s neat.

Galaxy AI is “coming early next year,” so expect Samsung to compete with Google for the most AI references at a device unveiling when the Galaxy S24 goes official.

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