Fitbit Announces Several Improvements to New App, Including Dark Mode

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The shiny new Fitbit app with a refreshed UI is only about a month old and yet Fitbit is already announcing several changes coming to the app after listening to your feedback. Things like battery percentages in new places, tighter spacing, and yes, a dark mode are all on the way.

In a community post shared this week, Fitbit talked through 5 bulleted changes that we’ll see over the “next few months,” before mentioning dark mode in passing without going into further detail. Still, we love changes and we’ll take even that tiny acknowledgement of a future within Fitbit where there is less blinding white light.

NEW FITBIT APP CHANGES: The first big change is in how we keep track of our tracker’s battery life. Fitbit listened to feedback and will add tracker battery percentage to the Today tab, since it currently sits out of sight in the Devices tab. This seems like a simple and also great improvement.

When you complete your daily step goal, we’ll soon start to see celebrations within the mobile app to “mark the moment,” which is cool. Fitbit also plans to reduce spacing and optimize the overall layout of the Today tab, because it currently has way too much spacing and it takes far too many swipes to get to the bottom to see all of your data. In the future, you should be able to further customize that Today panel too, with your own focus metrics.

And then for iOS users, Fitbit is bringing back Steps streaks. My understanding is that people really like these and were super pissed when Fitbit took them away. Huh. In Android-related news, Fitbit says they will bring these streaks to Android for the first time, so that’s fun.

Finally, the single mention of dark mode is that Fitbit is “also working on other updates based on your feedback, like dark mode.” Who knows when we’ll get it.

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