Google Now Enables Passkey Option by Default

Google Passkeys

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Passkeys, what Google hopes to eventually replace your typical passwords with, are now getting enabled by default for personal Google account users.

What does that even mean? Put simply, users will now begin to see prompts to create and use passkeys for supported services and apps. Google also notes that you’ll start seeing a “Skip password when possible” option in your account settings. For additional passkey info, look at our post from earlier this year.

As of right now, not every service is allowing for the use of passkeys, so while Google has great intentions and we support the movement here at Droid Life, we’re somewhat at the mercy of 3rd parties. Google highlights that eBay and Uber started using them recently, but also mentions that WhatsApp compatibility is also in the works. The company says that it will, “continue encouraging the industry to make the pivot to passkeys — making passwords a rarity, and eventually obsolete.”

For those of you looking to start dabbling in Passkeys, you can head right here to get started. Just ensure it’s a personal Google account and not a work account, because your admin likely has not enabled support.

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