Pixel Buds Pro Get 2 New Colors, Several New Software Features

Pixel Buds Pro - Bay

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In the audio department of Google’s Pixel hardware line-up, we have the Pixel Buds Pro that are also enjoying some of today’s Made by Google fun. We are getting two new colors to spice up your style and also a bunch of new features. Audio lovers, you weren’t forgotten.

Let’s get the easy part out of the way – the Pixel Buds Pro come in two lovely new colors. Porcelain and Bay are here to match the Pixel 8 Pro’s Porcelain and Bay, which means we have Buds Pro in an off-white/cream and blue shade. Who doesn’t love new color choices?

As for the new features, some of this was already leaked a day ago, but we have the official details on it. Here’s everything new coming soon to the Pixel Buds Pro, including the pair you already own.

  • Bluetooth Super Wideband: Google has added something called Bluetooth Super Wideband support to their Buds Pro, which means there is double the bandwidth for voices to make you sound fuller and clearer.
  • Clear Calling: They added the Clear Calling feature from Pixel phones to reduce noise around the person you are talking to and enhancing their voice.
  • Listening stats: Pixel Buds Pro will now track how loud you’ve been listening to music to try and tell you when it’s time to turn it down a tad and save your ears.
  • Conversation Detection: By turning on the new Conversation Detection, Google says that AI will detect when you speak to then pause your music while also flipping to Transparency Mode. This could be great in a conversation, of course. Once done talking, the buds should turn music back on and resume Active Noise Cancellation.
  • Gaming Mode: A new low-latency gaming mode will now automatically turn on when you start gaming on your connected phone, cutting the audio latency in half.
  • Chromebook Pixel Buds app: And finally, Google is adding a new Pixel Buds app to Chromebooks to let you adjust earbud settings when you aren’t connected to your phone.

The new new Pixel Buds Pro colors should be available today along with pre-orders for the Pixel 8 series and Pixel Watch 2.

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Pixel Buds Pro - Porcelain



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