Is Comet the Next Google Foldable?

Google Pixel Fold

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Code inside of the latest Pixel Buds app makes mention of a mystery Google device codenamed Comet. This is our first time hearing about Comet, so imaginations are running a bit wild, though, the code itself does clue us into what it might be — Google’s next foldable?

Thanks to the digging of both 9to5Google and contributor Dylan Roussel, the Pixel Buds app pairs Comet with Google’s Pixel Fold and even goes so far as to call it a “fold.” That leads us to believe it could very well be the Pixel Fold 2 or even a Pixel Flip, which would presumably be Google’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Flip.

Given the name Comet doesn’t fit into the scheme of names that the Pixel 8 lineup (dogs) or even Pixel 9 lineup (reptiles) currently has, those are essentially ruled out. If you are into crazy theories, there is a book titled Felix the Comet, in which a young boy (Felix) has a dog named Cosmo. It was published in 2014. Felix, of course, is the Pixel Fold’s codename. Coincidence? Almost certainly.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, but our guess would be it might take some time before we do. Since the Pixel Fold is relatively young, it’s probably too early to already be waiting on a Pixel Fold 2. We shall see.

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