Comet Smartphone Scam is Fooling People Out of $200,000+

comet smartphone scam

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You shouldn’t back the Comet Smartphone because it’s a scam.

A phone with fins. Think about it. Oonce oonce oonce oonce. Keep thinking about it. “Yo, I’m knock-off Alien from Spring Breakers, and this phone floats!” Oonce oonce oonce oonce. Technology. Oonce oonce oonce oonce. (Insert model to distract you as she talks about dual camera mode, a feature that is at least two years old.) Oonce oonce oonce oonce. Wub wub wub. “Hey guys, I’m the CEO, and this phone, which will never ever launch (at least not in its presented form or after four or five years worth of excuses as to why it hasn’t), is the future. It’s called Comet Smartphone.” 

That’s more or less the way the promo video for this hilarious new Kickstarter product goes down, a promo video that you will promise me you are about to watch. Seriously, promise now. Prepare to have your mind dubstepped into numbness and dumbness. This, folks, is the Comet smartphone, and it is the latest Kickstarter project that is more than likely 100% fake. I’m actually surprised that it didn’t start on Indiegogo, since you can basically rip people off unapologetically there without a need to even see full funding. (And if it’s real, with that imaginary $100K budget and team of engineers, good for phones with fins and Alien and Miami and oonce!)


UPDATE:  To read up on the latest in this scam, check out this post on why you should never back a crowdfunded phone. The basics are this – this is a scam that we told you about from day 1. Since, the company has stopped providing updates on the status of the phone, lied about changes in specs and shipping and release schedules, and according to comments on the Indiegogo page (yes, they eventually switched to Indiegogo to rip people off) are taking their sweet time providing refunds.

Stay far from the Comet smartphone scam.



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