Chromebooks Get New ‘Plus’ Category With Better Specs, Models Start at $399

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Google introduced a new category for Chromebook devices this week called Chromebook Plus. And no, it has no relation to Samsung’s Chromebook Plus that launched years ago.

This lineup of Plus devices will offer a standard of specs, which includes Intel Core i3 12th Gen or above (or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series or above) chipsets, 8GB+ RAM, 128GB+ storage, 1080p+ webcams with Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR), and Full HD IPS or better displays. The goal is, people who create content or simply need more giddyup from their Chromebook should look to get a Plus model, ensuring a minimum standard of specifications.

There are already 8 models of Chromebook Plus ready to roll out later this month — 2 from Acer, 2 from ASUS, 2 from HP, and 2 from Lenovo. You can learn more about the upcoming Chromebook Plus models here.

Buyers in the US can expect to find these devices for sale starting October 8 from all major retails.

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