The Pixel 4a Appears to be Done

Google Pixel 4a - Final Update

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Google sets update schedules for its Pixel phones on the day it launches them, letting everyone know how many years of support they can expect should they decide to buy one. Google mostly sticks to those dates, never cutting off support before they arrive. However, they often push a final update, a month or two beyond the official cutoff date to wrap-up final bugs before setting a phone on its way.

For the Pixel 4a, support officially ended with last month’s August update. We’ve been wondering if that was it or if September could see the release of another build to say a final “Goodbye.” Well, September’s update hit this week and the Pixel 4a was not included. It appears to be done.

Another sign of the end is the incoming Android 14 update that could happen within days or weeks. The Pixel 4a has not been involved in the Android 14 program, from developer previews up through the latest beta builds. In other words, Google has not been planning to give the original Pixel 4a an update to Android 14.

That said, don’t be surprised if there is a small, send off-like update in the months ahead, you just shouldn’t prepare for anything major. No Android 14 is on the horizon and you are unlikely to see Pixel Feature Drop goods. It’s time to decide how much the Pixel 4a is worth keeping around or if it’s time to upgrade. My vote would be for you to upgrade when you can, as security updates are important and new features and Android versions are always a lot of fun.

For those with a Pixel 4a (5G), this post was not about your phone. Your phone has been a part of the Android 14 release program and will get Android 14. You should also see updates through November at the least.

Not sure when your Pixel phone will stop receiving updates? Check out the Pixel update schedule.



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