Bard AI Gets Integrated Into Google Apps for Better or Worse

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I struggle with AI, folks. The main issue I have is, I can’t seem to figure out how to use it to benefit my every day life. I can’t ask it to write blogs for this site (I’ve tried and they’re usually awful and nonsensical) and I don’t need it to write code for me. To everyone who has benefited from its creation, hooray for you. With that said, maybe Google’s latest Bard news is just what I need to see how amazing AI can be?

Announced this week, Bard is getting implemented into Google’s biggest apps. These apps include Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Docs, Maps, and more.

The idea is simple enough. With this new Bard extension, you’ll be able to ask Bard to access information located within these apps, all from a single place. It’ll be able to sift through emails, check flights and hotels, find videos, provide inspiration, and much more. To give an idea of what Google has in store for Bard and its latest PaLM 2 model, watch the hype video below.

As an example, writing a cover letter might give you anxiety. Have Bard do it. Bard can locate your resume in Drive, then after you provide the AI with a description of the job you’re applying to, it should be able to spit out a pretty reasonable letter for you. That’ll save you a headache or two.

To access this new and improved Bard, head on over to and give it a try.

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