Verizon Gives You Easy Way to Block Email-to-Text Spam

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In the world of spammers, there is an abused method of texting you called email-to-text that takes your phone number, converts it into an email address, and then lets someone send a message to that email which is then turned into text. According to Verizon, some 80% of the world’s email-to-text messages are spam and most people would be better off not receiving these at all, just in case they accidentally tap a link within one that may cause havoc on their lives.

Today, Verizon announced a way to straight block these types of messages on your account. It’s a free switch that can be toggled off or on with a simple text. If you believe you see lots of spammy text messages that may come via email, consider trying this out.

How to turn off email-to-text on Verizon

To turn off email-to-text on Verizon, you’ll simply text OFF to 4040. That’s it. Once complete you’ll receive a message like I did below that reads, “Your phone number will no longer receive Email to Text messages.”

Boom. Take that, spam text bros.

Verizon Email Text Spam

OK, but what if you block all of those email-to-text messages and then realize you actually need them to come through because you do use them in some form. You can easily turn the feature back on by texting ON to 4040. Again, it’s that simple.

How to report spam texts to Verizon

Did you know that you can also report spam messages back to Verizon on almost any device? You can either forward those messages to 7726 or do the following on an iPhone, in Google Messages, in Verizon’s Messages+, or in Samsung’s Messages app:

Apple Device

  • Open your Apple text messaging app
  • Find and select the spam text message you want to report to junk
  • Tap “Report Junk” button within your text messaging app
  • Select “Delete and Report Junk”

Google Messages

  • Open your Android messaging app
  • Long-press the message you want to block
  • Select the three dots in the upper left corner
  • Select Block
  • Select “Report Spam”
  •  Then tap ok

Verizon Message+

  • Open your Message+ messaging app
  • Long-press on the message you want to report to spam
  • Select “Report Spam” from the pop-up screen
  • Select “Report Spam”

Samsung Messages

  • Open your Samsung messaging app
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Select “Block Numbers and Spam”
  • Select “Block Numbers”
  • Select “Messages”
  • Select the conversation you want to block

Time to take action.

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