Pixel 8 Promo Video Leaks Audio Magic Eraser, Blue Device Color

Google Pixel 8 - Promo

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Assuming Google follows previous release schedules, we should see the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro arrive in October of this year. Because the Pixel 8 series is a Google-made product, we should know everything about them before we get anywhere close to there. An example of that fact arrived today with the leak of a promo video that looks legit and is here at least two months before Google has acknowledged either device exists.

An anonymous burner-like account showed up on Twitter today to post a promo video of the Pixel 8 series that shows off a feature called “Audio Magic Eraser.” The video is decent quality and suggests Google has built an audio feature that will attempt to magically erase background noise in your videos.

Pixel 8 Pro - Audio Eraser

The video shows off how this will work, where we have a subject skateboarding with a potentially noisy interstate in the background. By choosing the Audio Magic Eraser, a swipe across a level bar allows the audio in the background to be dramatically reduced. It’s pretty neat, assuming it doesn’t turn the rest of the audio into a digital robot world.

Once the video ends, we get a rotating shot of the Pixel 8 Pro, with its new camera bar, rounded corners, and the device in a blue color that could end up as “Sky” when launched.

I will point out that we have no way to tell if this video is 100% real. It looks good and matches a style of Google’s, but it was posted by a throwaway Twitter account, likely to protect the identity of the leaker. Should it be legit, don’t be surprised if there are others on the way.

This the type of feature to pull you into a Pixel phone after all these years? If anything, it certainly shows off the power of Google’s on-device processing that they’ll want to highlight with Tensor G3.



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