T-Mobile’s 5G Network Wants to Send You 3.3Gbps Speeds

T-Mobile 5G Speeds

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Downloading something at multi-gigabit speeds on your phone is probably an unnecessary feat that we also absolutely need. We’re still nerds on some level and doing things at faster and faster speeds will never get old. We have fully convinced ourselves that “Mbps” is not going to satisfy our needs like seeing “Gbps” will. T-Mobile understands this.

In a short announcement this week, T-Mobile says that it has enabled four-carrier aggregation on its 5G standalone (SA) network and is rolling it out to you and I. Since that sounds like an awkward engineer term for something complex and makes no sense to most, let me just say this – it means ridiculous speeds that’ll fully meet our “Gbps” expectations in life.

T-Mobile’s four-carrier aggregation can reach peak speeds of 3.3Gbps. That’s on your phone, man. Your home internet isn’t even close to that fast.

The carrier aggregation part of is the merging of four 5G channels of T-Mobile’s sub-6Hz spectrum in order to deliver those speeds. It’s like four fire hoses blasting together to destroy anything in their path, only for 5G. OK, I’m not sure that metaphor truly works, so sere’s how T-Mobile explains that:

The Un-carrier is now merging four 5G channels of sub-6 GHz spectrum – two channels of 2.5 GHz Ultra Capacity 5G, one channel of 1900 MHz and one channel of 600 MHz spectrum. That’s like taking four separate highways and turning them into a massive superhighway where traffic can zoom faster than before.

Unfortunately, in order to get those speeds as the rollout touches your area, you’ll need a Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, or Galaxy S23 Ultra. I’d imagine that’s because they use Qualcomm’s latest modem and chip. And if that’s the reason, don’t be surprised if the new Galaxy Fold 5 (pre-order) and Galaxy Flip 5 (pre-order) get access pretty soon.

Hey, if you own a Galaxy S23 and pull these speeds, please let us know. I have got to see this.



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