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Hey, Threads user, we have big news for you today – a “Following” tab has arrived and it may even be chronological. While not a proper search or trending tab or a desktop client, we’ll take it!

According to Zuckerberg, leader of Meta and Threads, this new Following tab started rolling out today. We are currently seeing it on Android and iOS with the latest version 293.

To access the Following tab in Threads, you’ll open the app and simply tap on the Home icon in the bottom left corner. This should hide and unhide a top row that shows both “For you” and “Following.” You can then tap into each tab or simply swipe left to right to change. You’ll know the tab you are in because the Home icon changes to include a little person when you are on the Following tab.

Threads Menu - Following Tab

In a bit of a surprise, the new Following tab also appears to be chronological. I’ve only used it for a few minutes, but the timestamps for each post in my feed are in order. Refreshing doesn’t auto-populate it with older posts either – it just keeps the most recent post at the top and the rest in order.

Finally, leaving the app and returning should keep the app on your Following feed, assuming the app isn’t killed in the background. When I forced it to quit, it did return to the normal home feed. However, leaving the app in the background returned it to my Following tab. So depending on how long Threads sits in the background, it could remember where you last left off.

I’m seeing the Following tab in Threads on version I am in the Beta of Threads on Android, which you can join here. For iOS users, you just need to be on 293.

Google Play Link: Threads



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