University ID Support Comes to Samsung Wallet

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Samsung announced the addition of university student ID support inside of Samsung Wallet this morning, allowing student at many schools across the country to ditch the plastic cards.

To get this feature working, Samsung has partnered with Transact Campus, a payment and mobile credential solutions company that services more than 1,800 higher education institutions. If you attend school and you’ve heard of Transact Campus, it’s possible your student ID can now be supported in Samsung Wallet. Due to the number of supported schools, there’s no actual list, but you can contact the company here to see about eligibility.

School IDs are much mored than what they used to be. Now they can act as door keys and the same thing will apply to these digital versions. After adding a school ID to Samsung Wallet, you’ll be able to use your device to unlock doors at places like dorm rooms and academic buildings. Furthermore, if the school supports it, students can use digital IDs for NFC payments at on-campus stores, vending machines, and more.

For those concerned about running out of battery juice and then losing access to your student ID, there’s a feature called Power Reserve in Samsung Wallet. Power Reserve lets a user tap to use their ID even when their phone has turned off due to low battery. Pretty cool, right?

This is rolling out now.

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