Galaxy Fold 4 Gets a $450 Discount in Its Final Days

Galaxy Z Fold 4

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Look, my guy, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is going to be here within a matter of weeks and that’s great. I’m sure it’ll be a heck of a foldable with proper improvements and a big price tag to match. What if you could have last year’s model at a massive straight discount, no trade-in fuss required? And that question is proper because Samsung supports its phones for so long now that you almost don’t need to by the new-new each year.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is currently $450 off at Amazon, so you can get into one for $1,349. That is still a ton of money, but that’s also in the range of a Galaxy S23 Ultra, yet you get a foldable and that extra big boy screen. This is a really good deal on a phone that is closing in on its 1-year anniversary.

At the moment, Amazon has the $450 off deal on the 256GB model in Gray Green, Beige, and Black. If you’d like to jump up to 512GB of storage and keep the device for life without storage worry, that version is also discounted by $450. You can find the Green and Black models with 512GB down to $1,469.

Need a recap on the Galaxy Fold 4? Our review is a good place to go lookin’ for that. Tim absolutely loved the Fold 4 during his testing period, calling it “nearly perfect.” Those are big words that put a lot of pressure on the Galaxy Fold 5 to find new ways to be great.

But again, the Fold 5 really is around the corner and I completely understand why someone would skip this deal. That said, Samsung is still going to push years and years of updates upon it. Assuming you can take care of the Fold 4, it could be 4 years before you would need to upgrade again.

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