Updated Google Weather Includes ML-Powered Nowcast

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2020 was a bad year. Obviously, COVID was a top issue, but for Android users, there was also the news that Apple had acquired Dark Sky and intended to make the service exclusive to iOS via its own weather application. That has all taken place already, with Android users left to find their real-time weather information from other sources. This week, we’re learning that we may not need to look much further than the updated Google Weather app.

Found on Google’s latest devices, like the Pixel Tablet and soon the Pixel Fold, Google Weather now has Nowcast, a 12-hour ML-powered prediction model that provides insight on incoming rain, hail, and snow within the next 12 hours. This information is relayed to users based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as well as other sources.

When weather is headed your way, the new Nowcast forecast will show up in your Google Weather app, but if there are no wet events coming, then you won’t see it. It’s appears to be quite handy, with us in the Pacific Northwest always on the hunt for a great weather app.

As for who can access this, mobile users include the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet owners. 9to5Google reports that Google will bring it to additional devices soon. You can also find it on the web.

We <3 weather.

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