Prepare for Battle: Study Finds Android to be Much More Intuitive Than iOS

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A headline like this has no business existing in 2023. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way from battling it out in comments sections over Android vs. iOS nonsense, but so long as people continue to find this stuff interesting, I suppose we’re doomed to argue with each other until the end of time. But who am I kidding, I love me some drama.

In a new study published by a UK site that specializes in smartphone recycling and comparisons, it’s been argued that Android is more intuitive than iOS. Like, much more — 58% easier to use to be exact.

The means to find this number is actually quite interesting, which is why we’re sharing it to begin with. This group decided to use Google Search data for both Android and iOS users to see who was looking up common tasks more frequently. The more users had to Google how to do something, the less intuitive it must be. Seems fair enough.

Examples of Android’s supremacy of intuitiveness over iOS is the factory reset process of a phone, software updates, how to take a screen recording, as well as how to set up voicemail. Where Android doesn’t do better is limited, but includes how to take a screenshot and how to scan a QR code.

A few things to note: The numbers below are based on US users, not global. For context, US has roughly 144 million Android users and iOS has around 136 million. More importantly, my mother recently switched from Android to iOS, so these numbers are greatly skewed in favor of Android now. Thanks, mom.

Feel free to look over this data, take a breath, and then share your thoughts/concerns on its validity down in the comments.

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