YouTube TV Continues to Fix 5.1 Audio, Apple TV Issues

YouTube TV

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The YouTube TV team provided yet another monthly update through their reddit community to let their most intense fans know all of the issues they are working on and any new features that may be on the way. In a “May Update from YouTube” that went out yesterday, we learned more about 5.1 Audio/Video Sync fixes, Apple TV issues that are all good now, and ongoing tweaks to DVR and the Library.

Here’s the full list of noteworthy updates from the previous month:

  • 5.1 Audio/Video Sync: We’re rolling out some fixes over the next few weeks to address A/V sync issues across Live playback. We continue to welcome feedback! Feel free to leave a picture of your Stats for Nerds and your device information on this thread if you’re still experiencing issues. We’re also actively working on a separate follow on fix for VOD audio sync issues.
  • Apple TV: We resolved an issue last month with 1st gen 4k Apple TV devices crashing on long playbacks.
  • DVR: We had a few transient delays with DVR availability due to last month’s outage, but these are fully resolved.
  • Library Changes: We’ve heard your feedback about Library issues and are working on fixes to address the relevancy of Catch Up on your Favorites, incorrect Watch badging, and ordering of Recently Recorded entries.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Unlimited Streams at Home: You asked and we listened! We’re updating our product functionality to grant you access to unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket streams in your home and 2 additional streams outside of your home for you and your household.

Most of these issues will sound familiar or related if you recall the April update from YouTube. In last month’s update, YouTube TV said they had narrowed down the primary cause of 5.1 Audio sync issues, so to see that they are now rolling out a fix is a positive. It still may take a few weeks, but we’re there. On the Apple TV front, YouTube TV had just finished off rolling out a major Apple TV update in April, so this fix for 1st gen devices is yet another good thing.

The DVR issue is/was new, but that’s already fixed for those who ran into it. And finally, Library issues with Catch Up, incorrect badging, and Recently Recorded ordering will hopefully be fixed soon enough.

The YouTube TV team also reminded folks that they announced unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket streams when at home. So while we didn’t get a list of new features for this monthly update, that’s at least something to nod in approval of. We talked about that here.

Everyone still with YouTube TV or have you joined me in cancelling after the latest round of price hikes?



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