Google Bringing AI-Powered Goodies to Google Play, New Features for Developers

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During its Google I/O conference this morning, Google announced a myriad of changes for Google Play. The changes range from things only developers will notice to AI-powered language tools for users across the globe, plus everything in between. It’s a long list of what’s new, so we’ll try to condense it down to the stuff we think you absolutely need to know about.

On the user side, a new generative-AI feature called User Review Summaries will be used to pull and then synthesize user comments about specific apps and games. By doing this, people browsing app reviews can get a better sense of an app in a quicker fashion. At least, that’s the goal. Also powered by this same AI are actual store listings, with developers now able to simply plug in a few prompts like target audience and key themes, with the AI then delivering a editable draft to be used in Google Play.

Machine learning is also being utilized at no cost to help developers translate entire app listings into different languages, making apps and games vastly accessible. This is obviously great news for both users and the developers, with the devs able to access this feature via the Google Translate section of the Play Console.

Price Experiments for In-App Purchases

Google highlights a new feature called Price Experiments, allowing developers the opportunity to fine tune pricing on in-app purchases (IAPs). With this, a developer will be able to set prices on IAPs based on a user’s market, which means what I pay for an IAP in the US may differ from what someone in South Korea will pay, just as an example.

To go along with this IAP news, Google announced that users will begin to see actual in-app purchase listings available via the Google Play app, technically making them no longer “in-app” purchases.

Also coming soon is a new type of promotional content called “featured products” that will allow you to sell your in-app items directly on Play. Feature specific in-app items in different countries or offer discounts to excite users and increase conversions.

These are just a few of the bigger things coming to Google Play. If you’re a developer or a user curious about everything that’s new for Google Play, we recommend checking out the complete blog.

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