Pixel Tablet Charging Dock Shows Up for $129

Pixel Tablet

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Google I/O is inching so close that we can’t go a full day without a fresh Pixel leak of some sort. We just got done talking about the upcoming Pixel Tablet, that it’ll come in several colors, and that we should expect a charging dock included with it in the box. That’s good news if true because that very dock showed up on Amazon this week sporting a hefty price.

The “Pixel Tablet Standalone Charging Dock – Hazel” was spotted in a full Amazon listing that gave us the price, dimensions, a model number, and a high-res picture to throw in the library. Oh, it also lists the color and provided a release date with an open pre-order that is now closed.

Below is a shot of the listing that has since changed from “This item will be released on May 10, 2023” to “Currently unavailable.” Just know that your boy put in a pre-order when it was still open, so we’ll see what happens to it.

Amazon lists the price at $129 with model number GMD6J, refers to it as codename “Korlan,” says it’ll weigh 14.2 oz with dimensions of ‎6.65 x 3.71 x 2.77 inches, and calls its color “Hazel.” The listing sort of tops out there, with only a description of “The unique Pixel Tablet Charging Speaker Dock keeps your tablet charged and ready 24/7; and it’s easy to dock and undock.”

Google Pixel Tablet Charging Dock Amazon

The price listed is $129, which if the correct price, seems kind of steep. I say that because if it doesn’t do anything without the tablet attached, it is kind of limited as a device for that price. And where I’m going with this is the fact that you can get a Nest Audio speaker for $99 and play all the tunes – I’m going to guess it’ll sound a lot better than this thing too. If designed right, this dock should have its own WiFi connection that can still carry on a tune even if you’ve removed the tablet from it or can still be open for casting audio to. At this point, we don’t know all of its capabilities.

There isn’t much else to add because we don’t know the other colors nor have we seen other listings on Amazon. I’m guessing there were other well-hidden listings that are likely now gone, thanks to the posting of this.

That said, I am quite looking forward to the Pixel Tablet. I’m going to love being able to dock it when needing smart home stuff and then being able to pick it up to move to another room (where I could potentially dock again), play games on the couch, and also control devices in my home, etc.

Google Pixel Tablet Charging Dock

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