Galaxy Watch 5 Now Better Tracks Your Cycle With Skin Temperature

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Samsung announced an enhanced menstrual cycle tracking feature this morning for Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro owners, powered by your very own skin temperature.

For people like me, who have no idea how that stuff works (by that I mean the actual science of tracking a cycle), Samsung does a good job at explaining what’s happening with its new skin temperature recording. I’ll let them take it away.

As people search for ways to forecast their next period, they’re turning to temperature readings to help, since basal body temperature (BBT) varies by menstrual phase. BBT needs to be measured immediately after waking and prior to any physical activity or impact from surroundings. Getting accurate BBT readings requires measurement the first thing every morning, a process that can be inconvenient and sometimes even forgotten. Samsung’s new feature automates this process, making it easier and more convenient.

Science! I absolutely love it. For those who don’t want to read, they also published a video on the process, viewable by following the link below.

For more information regarding this feature, definitely read the full blog. In the meantime, this feature will begin appearing today in the Samsung Health app for Galaxy Watch 5 owners.

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