Best Buy Slashes $300 Off Pixel 7 Pro With Activation

Pixel 7 - Pixel 7 Pro

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There’s a chance that you ignored all of Samsung’s Discover deals this week because you’d rather own a Google Pixel, like the Pixel 7 Pro. I get that, so here’s what I have for you today – how does $300 off the Pixel 7 Pro or $250 off the Pixel 7 sound?

Best Buy has already matched the $150-off deals on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro that Google started running over the weekend. Those prices are as good as it gets in Pixel Land, giving you starting prices of $449 and $749. The thing is, Best Buy likes to offer you bigger discounts from time to time if you are willing to “Activate Today” when buying through them.

If you choose the “Activate Today” option for a Pixel 7 Pro, the discount jumps up to $300 off. If you do the same for the Pixel 7, the discount jumps to $250 off. These discounts apply to all storage options and colors, you just have to be interested in that activating part. With those huge discounts, we are now talking about a Pixel 7 Pro starting price of $599 or a Pixel 7 for $349.

What does it mean to “Activate Today,” you ask? It could differ depending on your carrier, but if you have service, Best Buy is going to ask you to login and confirm your carrier account. They’ll then check to see if you can upgrade, possibly charge an activation fee, and ask if you want to trade-in a device.

Best Buy Activate Today

To see what this process looks like, here’s my checkout screen for a Pixel 7 after telling Best Buy that I have Verizon service. It did indeed ask me to login to my Verizon account to check for service, asked if I was upgrading a device (you have to or it’ll make you add a line), asked for a trade-in (I declined), and then says it’ll charge me the Verizon $35 upgrade fee. But I should be able to pick the phone up in an hour after saving $250. Not bad.

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