Sony Mobile’s Hardware Design Team Has World’s Easiest Job

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The running joke is that Sony hasn’t changed the overall appearance of their phones in quite some time. In fact, I don’t think they have drastically changed the look of their smartphones ever. The Xperia line is stuck in a time loop of hardware design, set to repeat itself until the end of days. Funny enough, it’s not the worst thing ever, because to put it quite simply, they were good looking phones back then and remain to be good looking phones to this day. Don’t fix what ain’t broken, Sony.

With that all said, renders for the upcoming Xperia 10 V were published somewhat recently, and yeah, it looks exactly how you’d expect a Sony phone to look. There’s essentially nothing to say, as it looks like Sony isn’t changing anything. The rear features a camera setup of 3 lenses, while the right side of the phone has the volume rocker and power button/fingerprint reader. There really appears to be nothing new to see.

Audiophiles will be happy, as Sony looks to continue including a headphone jack on the topside of the phone, plus curved display haters will love the 10 V’s 6.1-inch flat screen. Overall, it’s a very handsome phone, as always.

The report these images came along with claims we can expect this phone to be announced some time around May. Nice.

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