Pixel Watch Gets Fall Detection

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I’m not exactly sure who was asking for this, but your Pixel Watch can now detect the fall season. The changing of the leaves, the slight chill in the morning air. It’s a beautiful time of year, and now, your Pixel Watch can detect it. *checks notes* Wait a tick, this is a different fall we’re talking about.

Starting today, the new fall detection feature is designed to get emergency resources to someone who has had an accident and needs assistance. For example, and hope this never happens to anybody, but let’s say you fall down a flight of stairs and you’re in rough shape. Should fall detection recognize this action properly, you’ll be asked on your watch if you’re OK or if you need help. If you need help, you can contact emergency services (a live operator) right from the watch. If you don’t respond at all, help will be dispatched automatically. Do note, the call functionality is only capable if you have the 4G LTE model or your paired phone is close by.

To enable fall detection, users can turn the feature on in the ‘Updates’ page in the Watch companion app or directly on the Pixel Watch in the Personal Safety app.

Google also discusses the testing of this functionality, noting that the Pixel Watch should be very smart about when it asks if you’ve fallen. For example, if you CrossFit or do some other exercise that involves sometimes violent/aggressive movements, the company says you don’t have to worry about burpees causing an accidental emergency call.

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