Galaxy Watch Update Brings Nest Camera Feeds to the Wrist

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

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I can’t say that I ever imagined a world where my smart home security camera feeds could be viewed directly from the wrist through the smartwatch I was wearing, but here we are. And now that I think about it, that is a feature that could very much come in handy, since the watch on my wrist is constantly pinging me with notifications from feeds that I haven’t previously been able to do much with. Maybe it’s time to dust off the ol’ Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung announced this week that Galaxy Watch devices, using SmartThings, can monitor and control even more stuff, right from the wrist. The new list of devices includes air purifiers, thermostats, and blinds, as well as the cameras I mentioned above.

In the camera arena, SmartThings is supporting livestreamed feeds of Nest cameras and Ring’s home and doorbell devices. That should mean that a notification hits your wrist after detecting motion and then you could tap into it on your watch to view a live feed.

On top of the live feeds, SmartThings and your Galaxy Watch will let you access two-way talk on those same devices. Telling the UPS guy – as you see him live – that it’s safe to leave that package from a watch is now a thing it seems. The future is neat sometimes.

Ready to dive into a camera feed today? You can’t. This is an “update coming” and we don’t know exactly when.



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