Pixel 7a Gets Hands-On Video Treatment

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Google’s Pixel 7a is getting a little hands-on video and photo treatment this week, thanks to someone who appears to be located in Vietnam, the assumed country of production for this particular model of device.

The video was posted to a private Pixel fan Facebook group based overseas, captured there by another individual, then shared to Twitter. The quality isn’t great and it’s a rather short video, but we do get to see the phone’s backside and can confirm it adopts the Pixel 7 line’s appearance. No shock there. Thanks to a few photos, we can also now confirm that the phone’s display supports up to a 90Hz refresh rate, which is fantastic news and an official first for the Pixel A lineup.

Interestingly, if Google wanted to do a little investigation into how this leak may have happened, there seems to be plenty of evidence to begin a search. For starters, the person who posted the video appears to have no issue providing their Google email address. That seems like a bad idea. Then there’s also the individual whose Chat Bubble continues to pop up during the video, but that could be from the recording of the original video and unrelated. All I’m saying is, these leakers need to be careful. These companies usually don’t care for this sort of thing.

Check out the full video below and let us know if you’re liking the look of the Pixel 7a. It looks pretty clean to us.

// Google Pixel Fan Group (Vietnamese) | @chunvn8888



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