Pixel Watch Band Adapters Start Showing Up

Pixel Watch Adaptor Connector

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In my write-up of the best Pixel Watch bands from Google, I mentioned that I bought the overpriced and official Crafted Leather Band for one reason – to get the watch band connectors. At $80, this is not a move most should consider, but I happened to have a credit to spend in the Google Store and used it for this reason. For everyone else, the wait has really been on for separately sold adapter connectors to arrive that should cost a fraction of the cost.

A reader reached out over the weekend to show me theirs that were ordered on Amazon. After giving him a thumbs up and then heading to order some for myself, I’m happy to report that there are now a handful of options through Amazon that should work.

To be clear, what I’m referring to are the little Pixel Watch adapter connectors (above) that attach to the Pixel Watch and then let you attach your own 20mm watch band. This is a situation we find ourselves in since Google made the unfortunate decision to include a proprietary band connection with their first watch.

Pixel Watch Band Adapter Connector

In our reader’s image here, you can see he went with a Miimall pair of stainless steel adapters in black that allowed for a really nice leather band to attach. Miimall’s Amazon listing includes options for one or two pair, and colors of silver, black, gold, and rose gold. A single pair costs $12.99 and is available with Prime shipping.

There are others, including from a brands INDIGO and NineHorse. These all look like the exact same product that have been imported and are now being sold on Amazon at varying price points. If you are interested, grab whichever is the cheapest and in-stock. For reviews, only the Miimall connectors have seen feedback and most of it is positive. A couple of people complained about a wiggle in the connection, while others thought they fit perfectly and provided pictures.

Amazon options:

A few weeks ago, the choices for these adapters were scarce at places like Amazon and so some of us ordered sets through places like Aliexpress. The sets I ordered from there are lost somewhere in an international shipping container. I’m happy to see readily available adapters on Amazon now.

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