Verizon Wants to Give You a Year of Netflix Premium, But It’ll Cost You at Least $25


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Earlier this year, Verizon announced a new service called +play. The idea of it is actually pretty confusing, but it essentially boils down to Verizon wanting to offer a hub for all of the streaming subscriptions you have. So instead of having individual subscriptions that you manage all over the web, Verizon could be a place where you pay for all of them, in addition to your wireless or home internet bill.

The +play service initially rolled out to select customers, but today, Verizon is expanding it to more and trying to get you interested by offering up free Netflix Premium for 12 months. The thing is, there is absolutely a catch.

In order to get this Netflix Premium for 12 months ($240 value), you’ll need to subscribe to one of the many services that Verizon offers through +play. See, the catch! Verizon isn’t like, “Hey customer guy, we just want to give you free stuff.” Instead, they are like, “Look at this offer that works if you pay a lump of cash for another service first.”

For this promo, Verizon will give you the 12 months of Netflix Premium if you sign-up for any of 6 special offers. Those offers are:

  • NFL+ Premium: $24.99
  • NBA League Pass Premium: $89.99
  • Peloton App: $129.99
  • AMC+: $83.88
  • Calm Premium: $69.99
  • Super Duolingo: $83.99

Not the best of situations, unless some of those other services were on your list of things to subscribe to or that you planned on renewing once they expired. The best bet is probably to subscribe to NFL+ Premium, assuming you are a big football fan. That costs $25 and appears to get you the 12 months of Netflix.

Be honest – had you heard of Verizon +play before today?



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