Next Android 13 Beta Arrives Next Week, So Opt-Out Now if You Want

Android 13

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After testing Android 13 Beta builds for several months, our testing period completed yesterday with the release of the December Android update for Pixel phones. But now that we have finished with this beta program, we have a couple of items to consider going forward – do we stay in the Android Beta Program and continue testing new stuff or leave and remain in stable?

The December Android update is a Quarterly Platform Release (QPR), also known as QPR1. A QPR build is a larger-than-usual build of Android, as it fixes more bugs than a typical monthly patch and often arrives alongside a Pixel Feature Drop. The updates are big enough and impact enough stuff that Google opens up beta builds for them to get folks like you and I testing them until they go stable. We started testing QPR1 in September and it is now here for everyone.

Now that we are done with QPR1, it’s time to start looking toward Android 13 QPR2. And because QPR2 will also be a sizable release, Google is going to let us beta test it as well. Better put – the Android 13 Beta is still alive and QPR2 is right around the corner. In fact, Google announced this week that Android 13 QPR2 beta is coming next week.

Alright, here’s what you need to decide:

  1. Leave Android 13 Beta now that you are on stable: If you were in the Android 13 QPR1 beta program and want to get out of it before QPR2 shows up (because you’d like to live with stable Android for a while), now is your chance. Opting-in or out of the Android Beta Program typically forces you to factory reset your phone because you are changing major builds of Android, but since the QPR1 program is ending, you have a slim opportunity to get out without having to reset. All you have to do is first update to this month’s December build before QPR2 shows up. In other words, you have about a week to opt-out of the Android Beta Program. You can do so here.
  2. Stay in Android 13 Beta to test QPR2: Still want to live life on the edge with Android 13 Beta builds? If you are in the Android 13 Beta already, you don’t have to do anything. You’ll get the update to stable QPR1 and then also the update next week to QPR2.
  3. Join the Android 13 Beta for QPR2: Missed out on QPR1 testing and want to join the Android Beta Program for QPR2? Sweet! Join here.

And that’s it. Now that the Android 13 QPR1 beta program is done, you get to decide if you want to opt-out and flow with stable Android 13 again for a while or you can stay in (or join) and keep testing new stuff. New stuff is right around the corner. Also, if you want out for now, you can always join back up later.

Who’s ready for another beta? Me!



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