5 Reasons the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro are Worth Buying

Pixel 7 Pro - Pixel 7

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If you read our reviews, you can expect the Pixel 7 (review) and Pixel 7 Pro (review) to pick up top honors from the boys here at Droid Life when the end of the year is upon us. Given it is now officially the holiday shopping season, plus holiday deals are in full effect, we want to provide you with a quick overview of why Google’s latest phones are worth checking out if you happen to still be on the fence this late into the year.

Here are five reasons the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro are worth buying.

1. Hardware is Fire (🔥)

While the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro looked great, there’s something about the Pixel 7 lineup that oozes that sexiness and refined aesthetic. Google simply knocked it out of the park on both of these phones. There’s not a bad color option in the lineup either. From the Pixel 7 Pro’s Hazel to the Pixel 7’s Lemongrass, they all look solid. In-hand, folks should also appreciate the subtlety of the Pixel 7 Pro’s curved glass, while the smaller Pixel 7 has more of a flat display. They both feel fantastic and are great looking phones from all angles.

2. Software is Butter (🧈)

Android 13, which both of these devices shipped with, is great. Over the past few years, there hasn’t been many huge, major, or insane additions to the Android OS in general, but overall, it’s gotten smoother, faster, and just plain better. On the Pixel 7 phones, it performs exceptionally well, with all sorts of nice little customization touches and animations trickled throughout. It’s a very polished software experience.

Google Pixel 7

3. Cameras are Goated (🐐)

We have raved about this camera plenty, whether it be in standalone posts or in our general reviews. The cameras are sick. In the Pixel 7 line, Google has introduced a cinematic mode for video shooting, improved Night Sight, Real Tone processing, plus autofocus and video stabilization improvements. Last year’s Pixel 6 lineup was already great in this department, but in 2022, Google has reaffirmed that they are the company to beat in the camera game.

Google Pixel Watch, Pixel 7

4. Perfect Pixel Watch Partner (⌚)

We’re fans of the Pixel Watch and not ashamed to admit it. Looking for the perfect phone to compliment Google’s first Pixel-branded timepiece? That would be the Pixel 7, of course. Technically any Android would be a fine partner, but the setup process on the Pixel 7 is nice and smooth, and from an appearance standpoint, the devices compliment each other very nicely. The photo above? Chef’s kiss.

Google Pixel 7

5. Value (💰)

With Black Friday pricing currently in effect, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are the best value on the market right now. The Pixel 7 starts at just $499 ($100 off), while the larger Pixel 7 Pro starts at $749 ($150 off). For those prices, you’re getting the exceptional hardware, legit camera system, plus fast software upgrades directly from Google. It’s the best package out there for these prices.

If you need more details on the Pixel 7 (full review) and Pixel 7 Pro (full review), please check out our full reviews. If that was enough to convince you, head on over to any major retailer and snag one.

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