Here’s a Ton of Pixel 7 Pro Camera Samples

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When Google took the stage and began highlighting what was new for the Pixel 7 Pro camera, I had a big smile on my face. We already know that Pixel devices take great photos, both in day and night time settings, but what always seemed to lack was great video and even macro capabilities. In 2022, Google has addressed this.

Google sent us over a Pixel 7 Pro for testing this week, so of course I instantly started playing with the camera and paying attention to little else on the device. With a new dedicated Macro mode and a Cinematic mode for videos, I’ve been going around town and trying to shoot as much as possible. It’s also helpful that my little town turns into Halloweentown (literally) for the month of October, so there’s no shortage of fun stuff to photograph during this time of year.

Below I have a bunch of photo samples for you to go over. There has been no editing done to them, with exception to whatever tweaks Google’s own processing does, resizing, and the compression that takes place when I upload them to this website. Overall I am extremely impressed with this camera, especially the Macro mode. There’s something about being able to see fine details that just gets me excited. And as for standard day shooting, it’s a top notch camera. And now with the ability to zoom in on things with solid 30X performance, there’s no doubt that this is probably the best all-around Android camera on the market. It can zoom, it can capture the night sky, it can macro, it can cinematic, and it has fantastic stabilization. It can essentially do it all.

Below the Pixel 7 Pro shots, Kellen was kind enough to contribute a few Pixel 7 shots as well. Enjoy.

Pixel 7 Pro Camera Gallery

Macro Samples

30X Zoom Samples

Pixel 7 Camera Samples



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